Apply a 3-dimensional brick pattern to a Wall-Surface


I’m starting to dig into the dynamo tutorials, but I thought I’d reach out to the community w/ regards to a more specific task:

I’m trying to model a brick pattern similar to this:


Basically it’s a flemish bond brick pattern, with ‘extruded’ headers… Could anyone offer a general outline of steps for a total newbie?

The application itself is quite large, so I wonder what the best workflow might be-- working within the project file, or maybe better to model the pattern in a separate family loaded into the project?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Kyle,

Have a look at the below topics, hope it helps.

Thank you-- this helps a lot!

Quick update-- I’ve made some progress achieving a brick pattern based on the following script (super basic):








Before I add complexity to the pattern itself, I’d like to locate the grid of points relative to a specific location in the revit model. I was wondering if someone might be able to guide me with regards to this task?

I understand that basically I can select a point in the revit model, and use this point to define an origin, but I’m not sure how this piece of information fits into the scheme of things (to get the grid of points located correctly in space).

Any help is appreciated!










This is a crude example of one possible approach. It can be further optimized and refined.


The pattern is created on the selected face of a wall in the Revit project.

Files: ExtrudedHeader.dyn, ExtrudedHeader.rvt