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I came accross this great Addin from Victauli which connects any two elements. The first click is for the element to connect to and the second one is for the element that moves and connect to first. This works between any two elements even with different offsets. Can this be replicated in Dynamo. I am trying with Element.ConnectInto node but fails. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.


Install pyRevit and pyRevitMEP - mep has the same tool for free :slight_smile:

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Think about the individual steps that are taking place. After you’ve selected both elements Dynamo needs to know where the first element is located and then move the second element into position. Then it needs to determine how those elements connect and finally connect them.

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Thansk @Tomasz_Puchala. This will solve a lot of time

Thansk @Nick_Boyts, Will try that