Annotation parameter renaming

here is my problem, I created a new General annotation and added a View Name Annotation shared parameter so I can add the View name to it. here is what I have so far in dynamo.

Ultimately, my goal is to set up a dynamo tool that will rename the Generic annotation Text parameter to Views View name depending on a view its added to.
had to try dynamo because Revit is pretty limited.

Thank You

Mind telling us what the error is?

Sorry dsmith, to be honest with you. i just started learning Dynamo and i would like to know if its possible to add the view name to a shared annotation parameter. i just can’t find a proper tutorial showing it between different categories its always in the same one.

@aelouta What I hear you requesting is the ability to push a parameter “View Name Annotation” into a generic annotation based on the level it is located correct?

@dsmith that would be correct

Still unresolved help would be appreciated