Analytical Data reliability basing from their wall source ElementID

Been trying to decipher analytical wall data and it’s relationships to the walls. I need to find the center points of walls as looked at by a structural engineer, not so much Revit’s definitions. I’ve found thru trial and error, it seems the AnalyticalModelSurface of the wall tracks the information I’m looking for.

Anyone have any tips on the Warning for Element.Geometry? Script still runs fine, I drop the surface in the next node, but would like to get the warnings out of it.

Also, assuming no one is in the project but the user, how reliable is my ElementID usage here? I know they can change upon a synchronization, but that shouldn’t matter, it’s run once and done until the next one. I’m just not sure of my logic here, but seems to be reliable in the project I’m using and a few smaller scale tests.

Next I need to figure out how to only grab the bottom of each filtered line by floor. (And remove the “Level” dropdown list, rather pull it from active view, but can’t seem to sort that out.)

Making good progress, script is just placing datums at the points I want for testing the concept. Starting with the wall, getting the Element ID, scanning all AnalyticalWalls for the wall ElementID+1 which isolates all of the analytical walls associated with a single wall. I pull the Bottom Elevation of the Wall and compare it to the Z elevation of all of the Analytical walls and discard any that don’t match, seems to work!

Still question the reliability of this whole process though.