An error retrieving area boundaries

I’m trying to get the boundaries of many revit areas using packages and also tried using Areas.OuterBoundary and Area.Boundaries with a code block.
For some unknown reason some of the areas return “null” and I’m unable to work with them in dynamo.
In revit everything seems perfect, the areas are errorless and closed nicely.

Any ideas why this might be happening or a workaround?

Check the area of all the areas before you try and pull the boundaries.

If they all have an area and the boundaries still fit ail then we may have an issue with the complexity of the boundaries not converting to Dynamo geometry. This is VERY rare for area boundaries though so I highly doubt it, but remove everything but the elements required for that area so the community can review.

If any areas are 0 or void, check your area schedule for unplaced areas, unbound areas or duplicate areas, clean those up and try again.


The area parameters of all areas are all positive numbers.
The problem is apparantly in the area boundaries lines, though revit doesn’t have any problem with them.

Do a save as, remove all but one area (and anything else you can delete - views, purge unused, etc. - and post the resulting rvt back here, along with the most basic dyn which reproduces the failure.