Ambiguous form Detail

Get guys trying to set a parameter and im getting this error. any ideas

What is the error in the yellow bubble ?

sprry bout that must have moved my mouse before the screen shot!

just dividing by 12 even tho you cant see the code block


An ambiguous call could be a namespace issue. Namespace clash could be avoided by removing related packages. While ur case confuses me as well, Dynamo clashes with itself? Can u post ur .dyn or at least scroll down a bit to show the rest of error info ?


BEAM CLEARANCE - Beam Clearance Family.rfa (304 KB)

It’s hard to recreate your scenario. It works fine to me.:sweat:

I suggest you to divide your script into 2 parts. The first part is collecting all inputs for “Set Parameter” : Beams & values from Element.Type / 12. (a separate .dyn file if necessary)

The second part is setting parameters.

Tedious, but I guess it will work.


Hi Jacob, it this a namespace clash issue? How come it clashes with itself?

Not sure it is that, but you may be right. My gut says Dynamo is confused as to which method of element.setparametervaluebyname to use (string, number, element, etc). @ZJRODGERS can you copy the full text of the error you are seeing to your clipboard and paste it here? That would clarify a good bit. Also, a sample rvt that recreates this issue consistently would also help.

If you are right, and I am just guessing here, if he input just the first element from each list it should work. Could you test it, @ZJRODGERS? Then we would have to look for the elements in te list that are from a different type.