Almost complete Tag Placement script (based on tag bouding boxes)

Hey, Dynamo noob here. Learning one fail at a time!

As I was scrolling through the web, looking for a part or a hint of a script, aimed at multiple tag placement without overlaps I stumbled upon this presentation from Alanna Watts of Parkhill, Smith & Cooper (which I can’t upload for some reason so I’ll place the link in the end)

In it, there was a link to a video that shows a way to get the bounding boxes of TAGS and potential intersections between them.

The end result of it is this

I’m trying to implement it for electrical fixtures instead of mechanical equipment and I’m not very sure where am I messing up but I’m not getting the results that I wanted.
If somebody would like to spare some time to take a look at my fail, I’ll upload the dyn and the test project. I think if we get to run it a lot of us can benefit from this beautiful work.

Tag placement 1.dyn (247.4 KB) TEST.rvt (1.6 MB)

Dig full script here:

Try it, report problems.

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Tagging test|690x392

TEST.rvt (1.6 MB)

Thanks a bunch for that. The script was faaar from even being close to done.

The whole script works more or less when I test it on mechanical equipment, but tags just as messy as a “tag all” would be.
I’m unsure of the formulas used in getting the East and West locations so I try to use a Tag with similar text and tab size.

I also get a “Element.get_BoundingBox operation failed” at “Gets the Intersections of the Existing Elements shown on the View and the Potential Tag Locations”.

I’m going through it trying to fix it up. If someone has some input, it’d be more than welcome.TagScripElectricalFixtures.dyn (383.0 KB)