All possible paths in pipe network?

Hi All,
I have a pipe network with one end open and all other end points connected to a plumbing fixture. I want to get all possible paths in the network. Say here 5 different path (Starting from open end till each plumbing fixture).Is there any way to achieve it programmatically?
A,B,C…etc represents pipes in network.

I think this is possible, could you share the Revit file?

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Please find the we transfer link for sample revit file( 2020 version).

I have posted same question in Autodesk forum Also. Jeremy has replied to that with few useful links.

Hi @j.sunnyT6MVA ,

I don’t know or this is possible but you can try this:

  • Group your pipes by “Section” (BuiltinParameter)
  • Check the connected elements in this network (MEPover package)
  • After that check the location of the PF and the connector.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @j.sunnyT6MVA

as written in the previous message you can use the node MEP connector info to retrieve all dependences in the network.
You can build your own structure or try to access the built-in one.
Your structure could look like:

class Pipe:
	first_connected_element = None
	second_connected_element = None

Going through dependences you can get paths. You can look up here how it works when one node has only two possible paths. Based on that try to write your code.

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you can use Dijkstra’s algorithm
there is a good AU Class by @Cesare_Caoduro3 about this


If you have calculations running you can follow the fixtures back to the open end via connectors with a Direction value of In.

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May be this is a post for you Recursive To Get Pipe Branch | Hồ Văn Chương

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Thank you all for your suggestions. Will explore each of these suggestions.

Thanks.It worked.

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