All Elements of Category.. all of them?

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I don’t know if it’s a bug but I tested it on a couple of models and gives me the same result…

Is the “All Elements of Category” supposed to show me all the elements of that category in the model, or only those one currently USED?
If the answers is “only those one being used”, is there a workaround to select all the element from the category (used or unused) ?


EDIT: The category is a titleblock, in my case…

It will return all instances of that category that are currently placed in the model. If you haven’t placed an instance of that type, it won’t appear in the list.

Are you trying to get a list of all titleblock types?

yes, but since the definition will be used to create titleblock, it is unlikely the users already create any drawing, thus any titleblock is being used…


This is how you can select unused Types (lower graph).

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You can also use the node Family Types to find the correct unused titleblock family type.

Yes Alban,
I thought of that, but I needed a broad solution for the user to give. I think @MJB-online post should be the one i was looking for… I’ll give it a go… thanks!

The node All Family Types of Category in the Clockwork package does what you’re after