All Dimension Style to Black

Looking for a script to change all dimension styles to Black. Not having much luck so far. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

can you share your graph? or sample file instead?
or maybe you can use Object Styles and change the color from there, no need for code.

Using a German version. I guess your parameter is named “color” and not “Farbe.”

Hi guys, sorry for not gettong back to you sooner i got snowed under on projects.

The workflow im try to inact is one dynamo to set certain dimension types to different colours during drafting. We will then switch them all to black for issue. I have now figured the turning all to black part but the first part changing various dimension styles to different colours i havent figured it.

I guess i first need a list of dimension styles.

you need to collect all elements of type
get the element id for the dimension style
get color from parameter value
write to excel
use this excel file to import the colors back when in drafting-mode

another option would be to use the dimension style name and dictionary to translate the name to a color.

Another option would be to override the color of all dimensions in a view…but this is the slow way of getting to your goal.

Whatvwould be the best way to use the dimesnion name to translate to a color?

That sounds like the easiest workflow for Techs to follow

This is how keys work. In order to leverage the power of keys, you will need to have a very well defined naming convention for your dimensions styles so that you can reliably break the name down and get the key.