Aligning the framing to the floor slab

Hello guys,

Does anyone know how to align framing of the ceiling to the top of floor slab without changing the z vector but by increasing the framing height?

Hi @kbeats, you need to measure the distance between top floor and bottom ceiling and then set that value to the hight of your framing :).

I have a couple of thousand framing elements in the project each of which are at different height, floor slabs are not at equal height either, therefor I am looking for more automated way of doing it using dynamo :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response though!

My description was how to do it in Dynamo ;-).
Then you need to sort them by room, maybe? Use element in room.

Can I see your Dynamo graph?

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Structure frames follow slab.dyn (21.0 KB)


You could try using a raybounce in the Z-axis direction, it will give you where the slab above it is. Then you can take the current elevation, subtract it from the slab elevation, and add it to the current framing height.