Aligning from cad and host to ceiling

Good Day Guys, I need any assistance with the task I encounter I need to automate Lighting fixture positioning the same as the cad reference I received from the Main contractor it cost me time every time I manually align or reposition the lighting fixture to the new relocation I receive from Archi’s updated RCP and I also need to align the lighting fixture from the ceiling and also the ceiling has variation height

Is there any Solution or script in Dynamo that could automate my inquiry?

Likely - what have you tried so far?

The most robust is using the DATAEXTRACTION command in AutoCAD to pull out the light fixture locations in XY values and rotation, then use that to generate families in Revit.

I still done manually in revit but it consume my time so I hope someone can recommend me a dynamo script if there is one that can automate aligning from imported cad to revit

There are a lot of results if you search the forum for this topic. I suggest you start there.

Thank you So Much

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