Align objects from point to point

Hi, i’m quite new to Dynamo, and can’t find a excisting topic for my “problem”.

The thing is,I’ve created an array of points, based on Excel data, on which i want to place structural columns in Revit.
Now, i’ve managed to do all that, but now i want to move the array and align it with the grids in my Revit model.

Therefore i created a script that reads the grids in the model, places points on the intersections.

Now i want to move and rotate my array, to the points in the image.

Is there someone who can explain me how? :slight_smile:

What kind of relation do you have between your imported points?

The imported points come from a structural calculation which defines the position and spacing of the columns.
My desired workflow would be: 1. Make structural calculation in Excel > 2. Read Excel in Dynamo and make array > 3. choose/select position of array based on grids intersections. > 4. Place columns in Revit model.

I hope this makes it a bit clearer



Just create two coordinate systems and then transform the geometry from one to the other. Don’t forget to rotate the cs of the point matrix, it must be aligned with the rows and columns of the matrix.


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