Adjust mullions in curtain wall through Dynamo

For an script i need to change the horizontal and vertical mullions to an certain mullion type but when i want to change it, only the horizontal mullions are changed and not the vertical mullions. The instant Typename can not be changed because it is an Builtin parameter. Is there an way around to solve this problem? Dynamo uses the first name it sees so is there another note i can use or package?

Never played with mullions and dynamo together.
can you upload sample rvt file and script?

If you run the script it only change one of the two identical parameters by name. I tried to filter first all parameters and then filter to the parameters i needed but the same problem occured all the time.

Curtain panels adjusting 191219.dyn (243.6 KB) Curtain window sample.rvt (1.6 MB)