Additional Parameter Required in the ByNameNumberTitle&View


I had created a working script that reads the first two columns from excel and creates a populated REVIT title sheet - that was easy enough. once that was done the drawing number fitted nicely into a REVIT section head as the number was only 4 digits long.

However, our company’s naming convention is now aligning to PAS1192, BS1192 and NBS so, the drawing number is no longer 4 digits (Drawing name, minus the project number indicated: XX-XX-XX-XX-X-XXXX-XXXX) this now extends outwith the section head. To get round this have created a shared parameter in REVIT which will sit between the project and file identifier and added a third column in my excel sheet. L1 = Bim Naming, L2 = Sheet Number & L3 = Sheet Name

So, my section marks are working the way i want them to, only picking up the 4 digits of the file identifier via L2 on the excel sheet as is the sheet name via L3.

I now need to add the L1 parameter in Dynamo to populate the Bim Naming Parameter. i have been using the By NameNumberTitleblockandView however, this does not allow me to add in a parameter.

my question is, can this be done? i have tried numerous things, with my limited Dynamo knowledge and am hitting a wall every time.

If I’m understanding correctly you want to create your sheets and then set the “BIM Naming” Parameter value for those created Sheet Elements

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Thank you. I did exactly that last night and it didn’t work. Came in this morning ran it changed the plan that was linked into the view part of the ByNameNumber etc. and it worked?!

i am so confused with dynamo…