Adding Zvalues to List of different numbers of Points in both X and Y Groupings

Hello all,

Sorry for the long winded title.

Working with Dynamo 0.8.0 (Work) but have 0.8.2 at home.

I’m trying to create a node that will assign Z-Values to a points distribution based off any random shape. It uses my Atmos package node ‘XY.pointsDistribution’ node available on the Package Manger website - but slightly modified (Image below).






The premis is such: Have random shape - use aforementioned node to create a points list, and group based on X and Y locations. This creates 2x lists of the same points, but in different groupings.

Shape used: Polygon










Use either Sine or Cosine to create varying Z-Values for these points by using the Point.Add node and a period and amplifier node.

The intention is to have a graph that runs from ‘flat’ up to a peak and back down to ‘flat’ in one direction, and have the same across the other direction - but at a 0.66% amplitude.

Here is my graph to date: It’s not the most efficient I bet - but it showcases the rough intent.

I want to add the Z-values from these two nurbscurves into one to create my Sinuous or Cosinuous tower based off any shape. Starting with regular shapes, I can follow on with irregular later on and fix as needed.



Not sure if I followed you there all the way, but it looks like you need the “Geometry.ClosestPointTo” node. It’s one of the most powerful geometry nodes and will make sure you get accurate enough points without the need of exact intersections:


Ah cool - i’ll have to take a look at that. Thanks Dimitar.