Adding the Room Calculation point to Tree, Site and Plant families

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I have a theoretical question. Is it possible to add the room calculation point to other family types? I am specifically looking at adding this to Plant, Shrub and Tree Families or Site Families. I am noodling different ways to track landscape type families and schedules. It would be very nice to have a room calculation type parameter or area aware type parameter on a planting schedule to say calculate how many trees are in an area for example. Any thoughts are most welcome!
Thank you!

Room Calculation Points are specific to certain categories. If it’s not possible in Revit it’s not possible in Dynamo.

I always liked the idea of having rooms outside the building.
In Dynamo it is a handy thing to have.
Once you have realized that, it shouldn’t be that hard to get planting, think of em as a one-point element with a location, that location is in a room in dynamo terms (if there is one).
Write the room number to a new shared parameter in the shrubs instance and you can schedule it, summarize it, tag it.


Thank you so much!





I guess that you have 2 options…

  1. use a landscape family and run Dynamo every time you issue schedules

  2. Change your landscape family to something odd, like speciality equipment, enable room calculation point and not need to run Dynamo when you issue schedules.

For me, I would use Dynamo and be happy that I would always run the graph and know that everyone else would find landscape under planting.

But if I was rolling out a strategy across an office, I might go option 2… Because if someone forgets / assumes / can’t be bothered to run the graph, wrong info goes out, which ruins the whole point of BIM.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: hopefully it’s of interest!



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