Adding Sheet Number Prefix to Views

I am tryng to get Sheet Number Prefix, View Title Number and add them to View Name as a prefix, the porblem is it adds them to any views, but i need them only for correspodning views that are on sheets:

Either filter the Sheets, you want to rename, first or select them.

The Sheet Number and Detail Number become properties of the view once it’s placed on a sheet, so you can easily just do something like below:


When running the graph in order to extract built-in parameters is returns null:

Oh whoops. I drew that wrong the first time.

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Managed to filter the necessary views, but now can I combine the string to a specific order to apply new view name:

If you collect sheets and then use the Sheet.Views node you can gather all the information and concatenate as necessary.


Thanks Mike, it worked, changed a bit to inslude the full scale value:

Thank you!

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