Adding objects to view with dynamo

I’m new to Dynamo and I’ve wonder if I can add objects with specific parameter to newly generated view?
For example, I’ve added a custom parameter “day: (1,2,3…)” to every element of my construction. Now I would like to generate views “day 1”, “day 2” etc. which show only objects with parameters <=n (or hide every other)
For example : view “day 3” will show only elements with parameter “day” = 1,2 and 3.


  1. Create (or duplicate) the number of views you’ll need.
  2. Name them appropriately.
  3. Create a filter for day>n and apply it to each view.

You should be able to find examples of all of these processes here on the forums. Once you get something started you can post back here with any questions.

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