Help - Filtering out Views with a specific View Name to add value to a Specific Parameter


Hi there!

Just started dabbling into Dynamo and need your help. I want to filter out specific view names and then add a parameter to the category of rooms to that view. Is this even possible?

I want to filter out views that contains “RDS” (Room Data Sheets) and then set a parameter within Rooms to it. But I can’t filter out RDS from View Names to begin with. Am I missing something?


You have null values in the boolean list, replace them with false and it will work.


architectcoding covered it specifically, the issue will be special types of views that cannot hold a View Name, have a look through the list.

Often I collect particular view types first instead (3D, floor plan, section, RCP, elevation) to avoid these rogue views which trigger null values.


@knhan Like this?


Can you elaborate briefly ? How do I do that?


@GavC What views don’t hold a View Name? And how would you filter it out?


The output of String.Contains must be plugged in here :

(Sorry for the messy screenshot)


I did this and got it to work! - But I guess I just realized now that what I’m trying to achieve doesn’t work. But hey! It’s still a step. Thanks for your help.


Knhan try this method, this is the cleanest way to remove the null values, and will result in no warnings when you run the script.

I am not sure what the ‘null’ views are, I assume they relate to something at a system level in Revit (as you can see on top, they have no parameters as they are a null).

You can use the ‘Element Name’ node instead of get parameter to save a few pieces of code too!

Hope that helps :slight_smile: