Adding additional information to furniture without overwriting

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I have searched for this everywhere but I cannot seem to fine anything out there, and I’m sure the solution is quite simple, but I cant seem to get it.

I have rooms that are part of a Revit link, and I have furniture in the host project. What I am doing is collecting the room names from the link and adding them to the comments section of the furniture, and that works great.

The problem is, some of the furniture already contains comments, and when I run the script it overwrites those existing comments. Is there a way to just add the room names to the end of the existing comments? I have tried the + node and the concat node to add the comments together without any luck.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks so much, current graph below.

1-Create a new shared project parameter set to the furniture category (instance) name it CommentsOld or something like it
2-Copy the values from the Comments to this new parameter with Dynamo
3-Use the method with the = node or concat so set it to Comments.

If you add a second “GetParameterValueByName” to retrieve the Comments, can’t you then concatenate both strings?

m.rjismus, I’m not sure what you mean by that? There are already comments in the comments field of the furniture, I just want to add the room name to the end of that existing string.

M.Perez, I have tried that, It did not work the way I wanted it to.

I mean to store the existing data in a temporary parameter, could be an excel file just as well

Hi @Mitchell,

You can also join lists with a Code Block.

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Thanks you all for your advice and guidance! It is appreciated.

Mark that worked perfectly, thank you!