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how can i get an excel file to check if dynamo renamed my rooms based on the groups in them correctly?

Could write an excel file containing all rooms, and their names, room number and element ID before running the script.
Then write an excel file for all the groups and the room name, number, and room element id that they are contained in.
Then run the script you linked above.
Then write a final excel file for all rooms, their names room number and element ID.
Finally compare the values in all excel files.

I wouldn’t go with this workflow though. Excel is the wrong tool here as you care less about where it was and more about it aligning correctly - you want to check it is correct.

To do this I would add a container family with no geometry or custom parameters called “group tracking” to each group. Create a type for each group type. IE: The group named 1 bed+den has a matching family type called “1 bed+den”. You can use dynamo to automate the family type creation. Once you have this list of family types, place an instance of each family in each group by the matching names. This can also be done with Dynamo. Remember you only have to add the 1 bed+den family to the 1 bed+den group once - the family is added to each and every group. Make sure you don’t place any outside of groups as that could cause other issues.

After that set up a schedule showing the family and the room it’s associated to. You can sort this schedule by family type as a header, and then by room type. Any family type with two rows has a mismatched room/group. That means either something changed, or your script didn’t account for a variable which caused the issue and you should go back and revisit it.

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i’ll try to do this, thank you Jacob.

so Jacob, i just did a test on a 4 unit project, 3 unit types and i created a furniture family with different type parameters which is following the name of the group for each group, and then i crated a furniture schedule with the mark of the family and the room details,

i have 354 units and 24 unit types, which means i have to duplicate that family in 24 groups
which way is less time consuming ?

or i can change that parameter instance and run a script in dynamo and change that to the name of the group, that’s better much faster i guess, like i can change the mark of the stove i’m using in all the groups! Thanks Jacob

Post your dyn and sample rvt so I can review. I’m getting lost trying to follow along in my mind.

1.dyn (30.2 KB)
1.rvt (1.7 MB)

Please see attached, first i set the groups name to one of its elements (stove), then i set the room comments based on the name of the group that is in it, then i matched the room comments to its department to create a color scheme based on it, just to make it look fancy! hahaha, then i created the schedule to double check if everything is working properly.

thanks for the idea Jacob, i appreciate it.

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apparently the part that i wanna change the element mark to the group name doesn’t work on the main file, i get this error, any idea?

You’re setting a parameter value for no element as you’ve fed an empty list. Clean up your data and you should be fine.

parameter value is the code block which takes the name of the group,
parameter name is Mark of the stoves,
and elements are those 355 stoves that are selected,

and it worked for the test file…

Element input not value or parameter name.