Addidng automatic dimension to my script

HI guys, im really new in dynamo, but my goal is try to get knoledged and try to apply it for people who is new using REVIT. I started to make my first script creating and rename grids, but I have two problems on it:

  1. I will like to dynamo before run, delete if exist an actual grid on the model.
  2. I would like to change on Horizontal axis that are market as numerical that start with “1” and not with “01”
  3. and I would like to add to the grid that automatic it make aligned dimension of the grids created.

(upload://uTXLGqCsXx7Jc0kvwi3Rbor8ZVR.dyn) (88.3 KB)

I think this link is helpful for you.

I will check it out !