Add symbolic line to shaft opening sketch

Are there any way using dynamo nodes or revit api to create the symbolic line inside shaft openings?


From Revit API it looks like there are no options of specifying the symbolic lines, only the bounding curves.

Sorry, I am just replying to my own post since I haven’t seen any responses to my original question.

I am still very new to the forum and I have checked the rules, but please let me know if my original post didn’t meet the requirement of this forum, if that is the reason why no one would try to look at my question…

Anyway, any feedback will be appreciated.


How would you do it in Revit manually?

I don’t think this is possible, at least I also can’t see any way with the API, which is not that surprising as quite often elements that have their own edit mode seem to lack some degree of API support (take groups as an example).

If I were you I would just use detail/model lines. It’s not entirely what you are after, but may be the only option and these are pretty easy to make.

@SeanP This is what I meant:

@Daniel_Woodcock1 Yeah… I thought I just need to connect some dots for those lines, but I do want those to be within each shaft just so the model is cleaner. I guess I am doing them manually.

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