Printing PDF.."Expected View got Sheet"

if you are familiar with the archiab printing to pdf code you know what the function looks like - refer to image- the problem is when I hook it it up with a node of sheet by name or number or anything similar, it returns the error in the title. I have used this code to print the same sheets in an unorthodox way, but it does not let me choose the views freely. ie. revit view sets override the dynamo settings,
pls help

what im looking for is a line of code that replaces viewSet.Insert(sheets)
as this is the heart of the problem. when i # it the problem disappears but it prints the wrong sheets

There is nodes for printing in the Orchid package, if you need something for pdf before Revit 2022. The pdf print functions from Revit 2022 is also covered in the Orchid package.

Hi thanks for your response, I have installed it but cannot get to its source code in python. I will need to do that to integrate it with other scripts.

My package is not a python driven package, it is a .net package… meaning no code is visible for the user.

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