Add Shared Parameter to rfa at specific Group


I am trying to add a Shared Parameter to a Revit Family in Background with Orbit nodes, I just do find if I add it in “Model Properties” group in the family, but I want to add it in “IFC Parameters” group. I thought I could chose any group in the family just addind “PG_”, for example PG_IFC_PARAMETERS, but it doesn’t work in thic group.


Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

that looks fine to me…

however, it is an old version of Orchid you use…

I tried with the newest versions 0.0.1 and 0.0.2 and on the “Add shared parameter” node appears a message with the word “Unresolved”, wich version should I use?


This is also written in the download procedure and the package contains only one node when you download from PM. this one node will also guide you!