Add Shared Instance Parameter to Category

I need to apply a shared instance parameter to all of my pipe accessory families. Here is what I have so far. Can someone tell me why I am getting null?

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I would suggest you to use the nodes “Parameter Types” and “Parameter Groups” they have a drop down list with all available parameter types/groups, and frequently, it works better than using strings.

Same Problem

I think that the “Shared Parameter Group Name” is not what you thinking it is.
I think it is like in the picture below. You might need to assign a new name for it using a string

Okay that makes sense. Now when I run the script, it creates a new Parameter Group, but doesn’t create the parameter with the group.q5-1

in the nodes in wich you wrote
Try changing that to just

Nope. Also tried it as a string and boolean.

Try removing the link for the “Visible?” input

When I did that and ran it with “Test 7” as my Shared Parameter Group Name, It didn’t show up in my shared parameters window. Then I added “Visible” back and ran it, Test 7 was visible in the same window.

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It worked when i used another node from the standard node library…
The node you are trying to use might be bugged

Awesome! I got it to work, but now how do I get that parameter to show in the properties browser for all the pipe accessories in my project?

I think it already is displaying.
Look at this example

Because the parameter we created was of Instance.
if it was of “Type” it would be available only through the Edit Type Box

Yep. I overlooked it. Thanks for the help.

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it is possible to do it in families??