Archi-lab Add Shared Parameter getting null

What do you think the reason is that I’m getting null?

Hey @jeconlon
You are best to create a new post rather than reviving an old one.

However, it looks like you are feeding in a string into the “Parameter Group”, you should be using the “Parameter Groups” node.
If that still does not work, try using the “Parameter Type” and “Parameter Group” nodes from clockwork package.
You may also need to change the boolean node you are using to just be a code block with true value. They are the common issues i have came up with using the SP node

Hope that helps

Where did you get the “Parameter Group” and “Parameter Type” nodes. I tried to create custom nodes with the code from konrad, but they aren’t reading anything. Is it because they are from 2016? Or is it because I need to download some of the libraries he is using in his code?

Why are you not using the OOTB nodes for this? There is no need for using custom nodes for this issue anymore.

These nodes? I still can’t seem to get it to work.

OOTB means Out Of The Box… so it is a dynamo node that comes preinstalled with dynamo… search for shared parameter and you got it…