Add Prefix to All Plumbing Fixture Families

I keep throwing myself in a loop and I feel like this is an easy one. I’m trying to add a prefix to all my plumbing fixture families using Data Shapes. I’m able to get through the Data Shapes portion, but I can’t retrieve all the plumbing fixture families.

I used this topic as a basis: Adding a Prefix to the family list in the project browser in Dynamo

Here’s where I am stuck and I circled where I believe I need a particular node or two. Of course, if there’s a better way, I’m open to it as well.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @clooz8

You need these nodes:

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I would also suggest using a Unique Elements node so you aren’t trying to renmae the same family multiple times since there are duplicates created by the All Elements of Category node.

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