Add multiple viewfilter to multiple view / List logic?

Hi all,

For a project i need to add a lot of filters to a lot of views.
The filters i need to add per view differ, i would like to use Dynamo to do this.

I did manage to filter the views and the filters i want to use for this.
Basicly i want to add viewfilters based on the weeknumber in their name.
In view 33 i want to add filter 33
in view 34 i want to add filter 33 and 34
in view 35 i want to add filter 33, 34 and 35

See the picture below.

Anyone that can help me? if its not possible also let me know please

Hi @Schasfoortyoeri !
Yes it is possible !

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@Francois_Labonne This works for 1 filter but i need to add 3570 filters.

Basicly i need to solve the list logic:
view 1 : filter 1
view 2 : filter 1 + filter 2
view 3 : filter 1 + filter 2 + filter 3

view 84 : filter 1 + filter 2 + filter 3 + filter 4 + … + filter 82 + filter 83 + filter 84

maybe something like: make lists of my list and repeatedly drop 1 item until there are no items left
So i end up making 84 lists of filters for my 84 views.

I tried to replicate the result with an example of 10 views and 10 filters in the picture below:

I made a solution for this specific case but its not a ‘smart’ solution.

Anyone knows how to put this in a function or so?

Something like this?


exactly this!