Apply selection filters to multiple views

Hi guys,

I am trying to apply selection filters to multiple views with the same view template. The project behind this is to create elevations modular building units that are modelled in place for fabrication without seeing the other units in the views. I have created selection sets, elevations and now need to apply the selection set filters and visibility to the corresponding views.

As you can see from my example below I have a nested list of views for each module. (these sub-lists may be any length) and then I wish to apply the relevant selection set filter to each sub-list.

For example the Module 101 filter would be applied to the first index in the views list and hidden. All the other filters would be applied with the visibility off.

I have managed to get this graph to work for one view and one filter but I am struggling with the iteration/lacing required. I have had a look at the loop while node but have had no success.

I hope this explains what I am trying to achieve clearly but just drop me a message if you require further explanation.

Any advice is much appreciated!