Add multiple filter and change color

Hi Guys,

I am new Dynamo user.

I am trying to add multiple filters into view template and want to change color in projection line and pattern. Outcome shown in below pictures. But I want to apply different colour in the set of filter…Can anyone tell me how can i do…

Thanks so much

Here is the script

Hello @Sia and welcome to Dynamo forum, its very difficult to say whats wrong as we cant see the whole graph…but here is a way for create filter and add to template…good luck.


Hi @sovitek Thanks for your response!!!

Actually, I have already created filter and added into view template successfully, but the last step is that I want to show different color in filter but I only know the node (OverrideGraphicSettings.ByProperties). Is there any other node can add various colour instead of one color. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Hello Sia,

You have a list of filters as an input and you can also use a list of colors as an input. (List.Create).
The Lists should have the same length, so number of items, and then you have to use the right lacing.


Hi @Sia sounds very true what @gerhard.p say :wink:

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Hola @Sia, I agree whit @gerhard.p Just a visual Help to complete his post; @sovitek thanks for the tip I did’nt know this method to create filters.


Solved. Thanks all!!! :pray:

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