Add Damper to mid point of Duct MEPover




Im hoping someone can help me with this, i’m trying to add a damper into the midpoint of the duct using the MEPover pacakages mainly.

so i get the air terminals, then the connecting flex, then the duct.
so i have a list of ducts i want, find the curve and the mid point.
all good so far.
but when i put it into the MEPFittingbypointandcurve i get nulls.

i put i the inputs directly into the python inside the node, and it gave me an error on line 183 which looks like its the points…?

but my points, curves, units all seem to be correct.

revit file and script attached.

does anyone know where i’m going wrong? @T_Pover


AddDampers.dyn (14.8 KB)
VCD test.rvt (696 KB)


figured it out, choppd the points and input the ducts for curves. all working.:+1::tada::confetti_ball: