Acustamo released!

you can now download it from package manager or from here:



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Very nice…


Any chance you can provide a sample Revit file? I’ve installed the node but i cannot get much further then the 3 node ahahah.


Hi Andrea

Thanks very much for this useful tool! I tried using the package but I am already experiencing some issues.

I am still learning dynamo and have used my revit project setup in millimeters as a baseline so all the dimensions in dynamo are in thousands (i.e. 10000 if that makes sense). When I tried to use acustamo with the surface distance of approx. 10000 from the sound source, turns out that the rays cant reach the surface. I did another test using lower distance values (i.e. 5 instead of 10000) and the simulation works fine. Do you think there is a simple way to work around this or best I can do at this stage is to scale to whole model?

Hope this makes sense!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



How are you creating the volume for the rays to bounce in? and how did you get it to do dots through time?