Accessing Type parameters of a linked model



I have made a dynamo script, which I wanted to change for the cases where the model is a reference.

I am trying to access the "Fire Rating " parameter of the Walls of the linked model. I could retrieve the instance parameters in python but the type is apparently not as easy.
If I simply use element.getparametervaluebyname to reach the type and the use it again to reach the Fire Rating parameter (same method in my original script that works), then I get the following error in the picture.

Although the Parameter.Name is showing the Typ it has some Id conflicts.
I thought Family.GetFamilyTypeParameterValues() should be the solution but Im confused what about the inputs : Family and parameterId.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @tina.osia

Use BuiltInParameter method. Here is an example:


Thanks for answering.

Well I had tried the BuiltInparameters to extract all of the first to find the one that I need. But either the fire rate is not there or Im missing it!

Or maybe I’m not exactly understanding your point


Ok I just found out that the builtinparameter for that is simply FIRE_RATING :sweat_smile:

It runs but I don’t get why the result is Null although the parameter is filled with info :expressionless: