Accessing Type parameters of a linked model


I have made a dynamo script, which I wanted to change for the cases where the model is a reference.

I am trying to access the "Fire Rating " parameter of the Walls of the linked model. I could retrieve the instance parameters in python but the type is apparently not as easy.
If I simply use element.getparametervaluebyname to reach the type and the use it again to reach the Fire Rating parameter (same method in my original script that works), then I get the following error in the picture.

Although the Parameter.Name is showing the Typ it has some Id conflicts.
I thought Family.GetFamilyTypeParameterValues() should be the solution but Im confused what about the inputs : Family and parameterId.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @tina.osia

Use BuiltInParameter method. Here is an example:

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Thanks for answering.

Well I had tried the BuiltInparameters to extract all of the first to find the one that I need. But either the fire rate is not there or Im missing it!

Or maybe I’m not exactly understanding your point

Ok I just found out that the builtinparameter for that is simply FIRE_RATING :sweat_smile:

It runs but I don’t get why the result is Null although the parameter is filled with info :expressionless:

I tried this method also getting null values…

Here is how I had solved it for my case


The problem was the Type! I needed to get the Elementtype since the parameter is no instance. That is why it came Null.Then you can retrieve the parameter either by python or just the Revit-node: “Element.GetParameterValueByName”

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Hi can you kindly share the phyton script too? thanks much

Im trying to do it this way but its not working :

The original Script has more functionalities that you don’t need, so I’m uploading the part that you need.
Note that you are supposed to change the name of the Parameter to the language of your Revit. Meaning you should change the Parameter name: “Feuerwiderstandsklasse” to Fir Rating or whatever Parameter you are looking for, which is Type!
Fire_Rating_Sample_TO.dyn (17.4 KB)