Access Sweep Curve Geometry in a Family

I have multiple families, each family is a swept geometry and each has a curve/rail to sweep along in the editor. Is there anyway I could access this curve geometry using Dynamo?

Any help would be great, thanks!

Could this thread help to get started?

Hmm, it doesn’t seem to be returning any results…this is the hierarchy to access the sketch for me:

Edit Family > Edit Sweep > Path : Sketch

Should your attached process be working for this case, or am I screwing something up?

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Have you tried clockwork’s Element.Location node?

Hi @Tom_James, thanks for the reply, however I’m still getting no results for any curves, this has got me stumped!


Could you share one of the families? It looks like it is point based from your image.
The output from the ‘IsCurve’ should return true if it is curve based, but it looks like it will return true for the ‘isPoint’ output


Hi @Nick_Boyts, thank you for the reply, however it’s now becoming obvious with your suggestion that @Tom_James may be correct with this being Point based (see below results). Not sure what this means for me collecting the actual curve though, because there is a curve for the sweep in the sweep editor…

Also, unfortunately I can’t share the family as this project is currently confidential.


Ah, I missed that comment. I almost made it myself in fact.
You are correct in that if your family is point based the only “placement” geometry Revit has is the origin point of the family.

Ok, so the idea was that if the family was placed based on its sweep curve we could access it, but because it was not we won’t be able to access that embedded geometry?

Correct. It seems you can only get the placement or origin geometry. In a point-based family that’s obviously the origin point of the family. For a two-point or line-based family that’s the reference line that drives the geometry.

So it would have been useful to mention what kind of family you used in your graph

You might be able to get more information from the family document, but the geometry would all be relative. You’d then have to compare it to each instance in your model.

Yea sorry, I’m dealing with Generic Models in this case

This kind of discussion might be very confusing for anyone using the forum as a knowledge database. It is generally required to take the time to formulate a request easily understandable that contains screenshots and all useful information, so that no one ends up in losing time :slight_smile:

That’s fair enough, although a simplified version of the family would be helpful.
Could you access the data you need another way? For example, if you are trying to get the curve from a sweep try and;

  • Add a parameter to the sweep in the family to obtain the volume
  • Get the solids from dynamo
  • Get the volume of the solids in dynamo
  • filter out the correct solid by comparing the volume from the solid and the parameter for the volume from the family
  • Once you have obtained the correct solid you can use several of dynamos functions to create the line you are after

@Tom_James thank you for the reply, initially i was interested in directly accessing this embedded curve geometry through dynamo but it seems this isn’t possible so unfortunately I will end up recreating that curve based on the actual swept geometry like you mention. Thanks again!

Hi @Justin_Dias

May be not. Take a look at this

Trouble with PolyCurve By Profile Family Type

if you still don’t see curves drop your family here.