Access Grid Lines in View

Hi all. Trying to do a seemingly simple task, but struggling: Is it possible to access only the Grid lines(elements of category ‘Grid’) in a particular view? I’ve looked at some of the custom nodes, but it seems that obtaining the grid elements in a particular view is not so easy. For example, my test below using the clockwork element.isofcategory node returns only false values even though there are grid lines in the active view. Any ideas? Thanks! Capture

There is a node in Clockwork package called Element.IsOfCategory that will do the trick. There is a node in package Element.IsOfType that will also do the trick.

Thanks Konrad. The issue appears to be occurring in the step before. For some reason the ‘All Elements in Active View’ node does not return elements that are of the category ‘Grids’. I’d like to be able to access them by view.

Any ideas?

The “springnodes” Collector.ElementsInView will return grid elements.

Strange that the official node does not.

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Awesome. Thanks Jeff! (and Dimitar)

Exactly what I was looking for, thank you. Is there a simple way to display them in the Dynamo window?


Yes- kind of. You just need to get the corresponding curve from the grid. Use Grid.Curve.