Access Data from a closed Revit file


Hi all,
I was wondering if it would be possible to access information from a closed Revit file? Basically we are building a script to audit files and pull data from specific parameters. Currently the model needs to be opened to do this, which takes some time.
Ideally it would be good i i could simply read the files from a directory and populate an excel file.



I think it all depends on what data you are after.
If you are carefull and open a revit file in notepad, (do not save!!!) , there are a few lines that you are able to read. One of the things that is there is the Revit version the file was last saved in.
I once saw a node that could read this from a closed revit file.

If you want to dig in deeper, i guess you’ll have to create a new revit file and link in all the other files (with dynamo) and read the data from the links.

create worksets with the same name as the revit links and put every link in its own workset.



Yes it’s possible to access information from a closed Revit file.
You can modify the Revit file, print views or do what ever you want.
You need the node “openDocument” :


Cool, thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.