How to read Revit files in Autodesk Forge using Dynamo?

Hi guys

Is there any way to read Revit models uploaded in Autodesk Forge using Dynamo?

I’m gonna work on a wokflow in Dynamo but I want to read my Revit files from the cloud. I do not want to save the models in my PC and then read them.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks @jbo

I’ll check it. In fact, I only use Dynamo for my automation tasks, that’s why I asked about the possibility of using Dynamo to read a Revit file which was already uploaded in Forge to be able to extract whatever we want from there.

Apart from building an actual Forge application, the next easiest thing is to probably link all of your models into a single federated model and access each document that way.

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Thanks @cgartland

Do you have a link to show how to do it?

Using LinkElement.OfCategory from BimorphNodes you can do something like this:

Note that this doesn’t include elements from the current document, i.e. it expects that the federated model doesn’t include any elements itself.

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I have a question. In this case, do we have to upload all Revit models in our PC and link them or we can have access to them from the cloud?