Above or under - plan related filter

Hi all,

im looking for a smart workflow to tag cutouts.

A cutout in a Floor will be tagged in plan for example “Floor Cutout”, the same cutout from the lower floor, will be a “Cealing Cutout”.


I think we can calculate from view range.

Each plan will have a reference level, from that you can generate a list of elevations. Consider translating the elevation up 3-4 feet to account for weird deviations.

Check if the cutout is visible in the view. Then calculate the difference in elevation of the cutout (or location, whatever is convenient and low processing) with the reference elevation.

If positive value, use “A” tag. If negative value, use “B” tag.

Thank you @_Vijay and @Robert_Younger for the imputs. I´ll give a try, i guess i´ll be back here soon.