A new place to submit Dynamo Wishlist items

Kia ora World of Dynamo!

We have recently split out our Dynamo Wishlist location from our Github Issues in the DynamoDS repository in order to provide a dedicated location for visible submission of all wishlist items for Dynamo!

As such we now have a new dedicated repository called DynamoWishlist living under the DynamoDS organization.

Below is a mini-tutorial on how to use it :slight_smile:

We are using a new Github Repository for our DynamoWishlist location, so the terminology will be slightly off.

When you first enter the repo, you’ll be greeted by the landing page as shown above. There is a little blurb and link that takes you to the Issues Tab where you can submit your wishlist item.

Inside the Issues Tab you are greeted with a list of all existing wishlist submissions by other Dynamo users.

It would be incredibly helpful to us if you first use the Filter (A search feature) to see if someone else has submitted your same wish, or something similar to append your proposal to, or elaborate on their submission! Not only does this keep the wishlist clean and manageable, but items that have larger discussions around them are typically looked at first.

We’ll then periodically go and tag the issues with an appropriate feature or component of Dynamo for easier filtering (You can click on them to see a collation of wishlist items under that tag).

If no other wishlist similar to your own exists, then you use the New Issue button (Again, sorry about the language here!) to submit your wishlist item.

This will take you to our Templates page, which you can select the Dynamo Wishlist request template by clicking on the Get Started button.

Inside this link you’ll see the Wishlist Submission page which contains a template for you to fill in!

Feel free to go have a read of wishlist items you think are super cool and add your 2-cents into the conversation.

And as always, if you have an issue with something existing inside of Dynamo (A bug, crash or existing feature’s irregular behavior) then please continue to submit Issue Reports on the Dynamo Issues Page.


The Dynamo Team


Great stuff @solamour and team :+1:
I will definately find some time in the next few days to trawl the list and add some comments :slight_smile:

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