9x New languages added to the Dynamo Primer

Hello Dynamo people,

To celebrate Global Launch where you get the new versions of your favourite Dynamo host we have also added 9x new languages to the Dynamo Primer! Please come and read our latest blog post to explore the details :slight_smile:

So please have a read, check out the new languages, tell all your friends who may have been curious about Dynamo, but are not native English speakers and let us know what you think.!


it is a great efforts that will indeed spread Dynamo learning around the world, thank you.
i would be appreciated to think about arabic language also as we have great interest in dynamo here in middle east.
and me as a part of this great forum that become from my daily routine, i am ready to help in that :slight_smile:

thank you

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Thank you for the kind offer @khuzaimah.ElecEng.

We use an internal team here at Autodesk who do the localization of languages into our products, so I’ve send the query back to them to see viability of adding Arabic at this time :slight_smile:


thank you @solamour, appreciate that

Can I collaborate to add Vietnamese language?

Hello @chuongpqvn,

Same as above we have an internal team at Autodesk who do localization :slight_smile: I will enquire about Vietnamese also.

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Pienso que ahora si puedo aprender con mayor facilidad Dynamo. ¿Alguien por aquí que hable español? :colombia:

Many thanks for translating the Dynamo Primer to Polish! I always advised everyone to use this resource as a learning starting point, but the language barrier often stood in the way. Not anymore! Thank you again!

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You are most welcome Oliwer :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I do not @Stevens188 - but I’m sure some folk surely do!