3D Spatial Optimization Script

Hi Dynamo peeps!

We are trying to figure out if there is a script that can help us determine how many panels (irregular shapes) can fit into a truck?

Does this 3D spatial optimization script exist somewhere without hardcoding?

Many thanks!


DynaSpace part of DynaShape
Then take the lower surfaces inside a rectangle, maybe

Refinery toolkit and Miscellany have 3D bin packing nodes which will do this for you. @john_pierson has a good example showing how to pack the contents of the basic sample project into ‘sweet vans’ here: https://twitter.com/60secondrevit/status/1093550795734188037?s=21


This saves my life!! Thank you!!! Do you think there’s a script out there for irregular shapes? like playing 3D Tetris? thanks!!

Bin packing of irregular 3D volumes is something which members of the computational community will base entire careers around. There are many ‘partial’ solutions out there, but not much which is as complete, accurate, and faster solving than what you could get with a cuboid representations. Take this result as a heuristic exploration of sorts - that is it will get your most of the way and you as a designer will evolve and find the optimal solution.

You might want to pull a smallest fit cuboid for the object rather than using a bounding box if you are going to simplify the more complex geometry.

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Good idea! I will try using the smallest fit cuboid then. Thanks a lot