3d printing and robot production

Hi all¡¡

Well, last week @Vikram_Subbaiah and also @Organon help me with some issues about Dynamo files so I could finished those designs. I am very interesting in digital production mixed with computational design and how robots can help us to produce scale 1:1 our projects. Last week I did some models in 3d printing wtih Dynamo and it works perfectly¡¡ The mesh toolkit exports the solid as meshes very good so I could print without problems.Well, also I allways use a program call net Fab to solve problems like cap holes and things like that, but most of the meshes are correct with Dynamo so for me is perfect¡¡

Someone know if there is any package to use ABB robots with Dynamo?? In Grasshopper there is one:

But i don´t find anyone for Dynamo…well, i can use MantisShrimp to connect with Grasshopper but would be fantastic if Dynamo could have one in the future¡¡

I will upload new improvements every week triying to achieve different geometries. This is a study of a facade and a structure. I hope u like it


see here:


This is pretty awesome. It looks like you have got great results from the printer! Good to see the process seems to be fairly straight forward. Good job, look forward to seeing more! :slight_smile: