3D extent problems - ReferencePlane.ByLine and Grid.ByLine


I’m working on a project where the whole project geometry is generated with Grasshopper. This reference geometry consist of lines and points brought into Dynamo via Flux. The workflow is working great, but I’ve run into a problem regarding gridlines and reference planes generated with Dynamo.

The project has radial gridlines that all intersect in a center point. I’ve brought in the lines from the GH model, and use them to either generate gridlines with Grid.ByLine or to generate reference planes with ReferencePlanes.ByLine.
This all works fine, but the problem is the 3D extent of the grid and reference planes. For some reason is doesn’t make it the “full height”, which means it can only be seen in some of the plan views. This has to do with the 3D extents and can normally be fixed by making a section and dragging the grids to the full 3d extent. But since I have radial gridlines, this is not a good solution. I can also Maximize 3D Extents, but this applies to all direction, and not only the z-axes, which means I have to drag every gridline back into place one by one.

Any ideas how I control the 3D extents, more specifically the height? And why is Dynamo not making it the full extent in the first place? I’ve tried to do a grid line manually in Revit and it makes it the full extent.

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I am having a very similar issue, where the grids are generated via dynamo. I dealt with this problem by generateing lines from two points and laying the grid over it. But truth be told your project is more complex than mine. I hope that you have found the solution.

Hi @kamil.daszkiewiczGHU,

Maybe these nodes can help you.