2 dimensional arrays

Having gained some insight into how to create linear arrays from my previous posting I wonder if anyone can help
to solve with the new study assignment as shown at the attached file.
The task is as follows:
Ribs(lintel) of a certain length must span across 2 walls and to be filled with blocks in between the ribs which must
cover the width between the 2 walls. At approximately the middle should be a gap (between 180-260).
Assuming the above is from left to right in the ‘X’ direction it should also be expanding in the ‘Y’ direction (Range).

Any help in finding a solution of the above task would be highly appreciated (even a small amount of fee is offered)

Thanks in advance

@hgfohler50 See if studying the attached files helps you manage to do it yourself
ribs-blocks.rvt (1.5 MB)
ribs-blocks.dyn (606.8 KB)

Hi Vikram

Thank you very much for your response to my post.Very much appreciated and
nice to know
there is such a helpful community.

It is very close to what I’m looking for.
If you are interested in more detail I have attached a very raw mock-up for
your review.

Kind Regards

Thank you for your response to my poast. I will study the script you have
sent .

Thanks again

Kind Regards


Only now I have received proper feedback of the task I have to complete.

Please have a look at the attached mock-up.