1st post- open file path location in Windows Explorer

Hi everyone! I’m working on a challange to open main revit project file/family/linked files path location directly from revit by selection. I’m working on API but just wondering anyone has come across this in dynamo?


Please document your request a little so that we can quickly understand its purpose. Is this what you are talking about?

@Yna_Db : Thanks for reply but to simply explain it : I want to open current project or family location in Windows explore where the file (RVT,RFA or linked CAD file) is saved.

Do you mean like a “Save as” dialog?

No; just to open where it’s located, like this:


Something might be doable:


You can get the document path with this method…


And use the subprocess.Popen() for explorer (as in @Yna_Db second link) with the path gotten from the document.

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