Zerotouch Packages not showing


I have a question, I’ve made a Zerotouch node In Visual Studio. Everything is working when you add the dll that is created.

But now i want to make a Package of it and it shows up in the Package manager. But doesn’t show up in the left toolbar in dynamo. Is this possible with a Package that only contains a ZeroTouch dll?


Your probably missing a pack.json or not including a dependency to your dll when you publish your package so it’s not in the included assemblies in this config file.

Easiest solution is to republish your package (locally is fine if it’s not public)and right-click on your library when you add it to the includes before you publish and select ‘Include’ from the list.

This will configure your pck.json and everything should work assuming your dll is fine.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I followed your handout online to build zerotouch nodes. But is something going wrong with the json.pkg?

The build action in Visual Studio is on None? Maybe this is the problem

If the name of your assembly is HR_O then you need to make sure you’ve updated the JSON node_libraries property with this name. If you use the example files from the Bimorph repo without modifying this, then there’s your problem… the JSON file points to an assembly called ZeroTouchNodes.

That was it. Thanks for helping!