Z value on dynamo script

Hello Dynamo Team,

I create a script to place component from a cad file to my revit model.

I have got the x;y and it work correctly. Unfortunately i don’t have the Z

So when i run my script, it place the components on the elevation " 0 "

My level is around 13m. Where my topography is.

I am wondering if there is a node that make " align " the element to the topography directly.


You can try a Raybounce on the topography.

Take the X+Y coordinate, start from a high Z coordinate, and shoot the Ray ‘down’ towards the topography. That should return a contact point you can use for your insertion. Adjust the depth as needed if you have a foundation or something that needs to be submerged into the topo.

Hi @matthias.raultY5PX8 ,

See this topic from Februari: Attach site components to a linked toposurface