Write to read only parameter?

Hi there all

I am trying to change the level of some of my cabel tray fittings, but for some reason some of them are read only, and some of them are not…? So when I run my graph, it makes errors trying to disconnect my cable tray fittings from the cabel trays, because they are now meters above the others, because it was not able to change the level it was connected to?

here is my graph:

And the error with read only:

I have tried reading through this tread, but I do not know code… :sweat:

Change level assignment without moving the element

So can anybody tell me if this is possible? or do I have to live with elements that are in the wrong level? Because this is happening with several of my elements, not just cable trays…

I wonder if you are having the same issues listed at the bottom of the link based on point vs curve based geometry.

Change Level Assignment of Wall

Take a look at the second to last post to see if it can help you at all.

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There is a node from Modelical package that works perfectly :